Bridal Behind

by breanna Kealey
(Gilbert, AZ)

This cake was sort of a strange request. I do not do naughty cakes, but I compromised as long as it would remain tasteful. All the bride wanted as a bum with some bride panties and garters.

I used a heart pan for the basic shape with the point of the heart cut off. Then I use the 2 halves of the Wilton ball pan set to make a little extra "UMPH". After frosting with buttercream, I covered it with fondant. Then I used my airbrush to give it some pale skin shading. From there I just made it up as I went. All the decorations were done with fondant.

I still get lots of comments about this cake, but the best one came from my 6 year old son. Right after I had covered the cake in fondant, he walked into the kitchen and said "Oh Mama, what a nice heart cake you made!" Oh, sweet innocence!

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