Around The Clock Bridal Shower

by Ali

An "Around The Clock Bridal Shower" is when you assign each guest a different time of day - written in their invitation - And they are to buy a gift based on that time. Randomly assign guests: breakfast time, lunch time, dinner time, bathtime, bedtime, TV/lounging time, entertaining/cocktail time, baking time, etc.

For example, if you write 'breakfast time' in one guests invitation, they can buy a gift that is all about breakfast time! - maybe a breakfast basket with a waffle maker,
syrup, powdered sugar, cute placemats and napkins and some juice glasses!

TV/Lounging time could be a basket full of movies, a blanket, popcorn, a popcorn bowl and red vines!

For cocktail time get some martini or wine glasses and a cocktail recipe book.

Invitation Wording for an "Around The Clock Bridal Shower":
Tick, tock, tick, tock
Come to a party
That's "round the clock"

Please bring a gift
To this Bridal Shower
That can be used
During your assigned hour!

Your time is ________

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