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alphabet bridal shower

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The alphabet bridal shower is another classic theme our grandmas would remember! It's all about the alphabet - the decor, menu, gifts, games, favors, etc... You may stick with the traditional way of throwing an alphabet shower, or spice it up a bit and put your own spin on it! Here are some fun ideas we came up with for hosting an amazing alphabet shower...

  • Let's start with the invitation - you need to let everyone know that it is an alphabet bridal shower. Each guest will need to be assigned a letter of the alphabet and then they buy a gift that starts with that letter. Depending on the amount of people invited, leave some letters out or double up some of the letters. Here's a fun way to word the invitation :

    Her wedding day is on the way
    Let's get her prepared for the BIG day
    An Alphabet Shower is what we'll do
    (Bride's Name)
    Would love to see you
    (Date and Time)
    We'll have a party in honor of her
    (Location) is where it will be
    If it's not too much trouble please RSVP
    The ribbon and letter attached you must lift
    And tie it neatly to your special gift
    The gift must begin with the letter enclosed
    She doesn't like surprises so leave it exposed

  • Decorate with the letters of the alphabet. Make a banner of ABC's, gather some twigs and place them in a vase and hang some letters with ribbon from the twigs, or scatter some ABC confetti over the tables. Easy and inexpensive.
  • Let the alphabet dictate the menu! Artichoke dip, Bread, Carrots, Dip, etc.
  • Play a game related to the alphabet. Have each guest write the alphabet and then have them write a wedding related word for each letter. The one who comes up with most wins!
  • For favors make decorated ABC cookies!
  • A different spin on this old classic - throw the alphabet out completely and use the bride-to-be's name as the theme! Create a banner of her name, assign guests a letter of her name and buy a gift with that letter, play "What's in a Name?" using the letters of the bride-to-be's name have the guests come up with as many words as they can.

A classic theme that can be interpreted in so many fun ways! This theme is great for any bride-to-be. It is an excellent idea for couples just starting out since they will receive a wide array of gifts! Happy "Alphabet Bridal Shower" Planning!

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