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First, a little about me...

Hi, my name is Anne and I am the author behind this site. I live in the great state of Washington and have been married to my wonderful husband, Mike for 6 years. We have three children; twin four year girls, Allie and Maddie, and our baby, Chase, who just turned one. As you can see I have my hands full!

After our last child, I knew it was just a matter of time before I needed to step back into the workforce. I couldn't imagine being away from my kids and not being there when they got off the school bus. I was determined to find a way to stay home and bring in a paycheck at the same time!

Luck was on my side!

Lucky for me, I have the most amazing sister! My sister, Amy, is making good money working from home. She has her own very successful website www.cutest-baby-shower-ideas.com. I thought my sister was some sort of "web-genius" since her site was so well built and making tons of money! Then she let me in on her secret.... Site Build It!

Once I started reading about SBI, I couldn't believe why more people didn't know about it! I am no computer genius and can hardly even type! SBI literally builds your site for you! It's amazing! It is by no way a "get rich quick" scheme, you do have to put a lot of time and effort into building your site but it is well worth it! You earn income by placing Google Ads and affiliate links on your site....super easy and rewarding!

The fun facts...

I enjoy entertaining and throwing parties so my niche was easy to find! I am always coming up with crazy ideas and now I have a platform to let the world know about them - and earn a great income doing it!

I started my site in November 2009 and I am already seeing great monetary rewards!

If I can do this....anyone can! I knew nothing about building a website and look at me now!

I get to stay home with my kids, write about what I love to do, and earn an income doing it! Check out how you can do it too!

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