A Toast to the Bride

by Lisa Mallion Hook
(Belleville, MI - USA)

A Toast to the Bride Cake

A Toast to the Bride Cake

This cake was created for a kitchen themed bridal shower. The main colors for the shower were royal blue and pale yellow. The mother of the bride gave me free reign with the design.

Baked in an extra long (approx. 6" X 16") loaf pan, I torted the cake, then cut this cake in half and stacked it using a center board and dowels. After carving the top into it's slightly rounded shape, I carved out the slots for the toast, they were approx 1 1/2" deep and 3/4" wide. I used that cake from the carving to make the beveled edge at the bottom of the toaster.

The Strawberry Swirl cake is iced and filled with buttercream. It was then covered with pale yellow swirled yellow fondant. The base of the toaster was covered with black fondant which was then airbrushed with silver to give it the shiney/sparkly finish. The toast was made from Rice Krispie treats that I flattend and shaped into bread slices. A thin piece of fondant was wrapped around each piece of toast to create the crust.

All of the buttons and the cord are made from fondant and hand modeled. The tiny labels above the buttons were printed on edible image icing sheets and trimmed accordingly. The "brand name" on the side of the toaster is the last names of both the bride and groom.

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